First model outdoor photoshoot!

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Originally posted on The Wind and the Still:
September of 2013 I had the opportunity to work with some amazing people to produce my first outdoor model photoshoot and I had a ball! I was surprised I enjoyed it so…

First model outdoor photoshoot!

This gallery contains 5 photos.

September of 2013 I had the opportunity to work with some amazing people to produce my first outdoor model photoshoot and I had a ball! I was surprised I enjoyed it so much as portrait photography is not my first … Continue reading

Product Photography – Part I

I have recently been concentrating on product photography a bit more, and I’m finding I quite enjoy the process. When it all works out in my favour, of course! Some days there is quite a process involved and it always take more time than you expect. The day of the shot below, we spent awhile shooting other products and playing around with the lights and gels, and this shot was more of a last minute thing with the time we had left to spare. And I think it turned out great! It’s the first product shot I actually feel really proud of. 😀


From Up Above

On a recent photoshoot, I found myself on the roof of a building looking down at the alley ways and streets below. It’s a fascinating view from up there, and so much to observe!

I saw at least two other photoshoots and a wedding, though unfortunately I didn’t manage to get any good shots of that.

Spent a bit of time up there but after awhile, I felt the need to be on ground level again. And after all that leaning over the edge, I was still paranoid my lens was just going to fall right out of the camera!


Destination: Venus Bay in Victoria, Australia

Venus Bay

I’ve been trawling through some of my old photos recently, and came across this one from back in 2009.

Oh, 2009. A simpler time before I properly understood ISO, aperture and shutter speed. A time before I knew what metering was. If I’d known all this when I’d taken this shot, I’m sure it could have been improved greatly.

And I would have taken more than one shot. More like 50. And in RAW!

But all in all, I’m quite fond of it. It’s nowhere near perfect, but I think that’s sort of what I like about it.

Destination: Grand Canyon, USA

Grand Canyon

While visiting the Grand Canyon last year, I had the opportunity to watch the sunrise and sunset both on the same day! During the sunrise, I spotted a tiny moving dot on a ledge far away from everyone else… my eyesight is not that great, but thankfully my camera’s eye is much better. I used my lens as binoculars and amazed to see a lone photographer cruising around on this rather unsafe and unrailed ledge! If only he could see himself from the viewpoint I could, he may have thought twice!

I would LOVE to find out who this photographer is and show him this photo! I wonder if anyone can help?

The Entrance – July

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The Entrance music venue was open again this month and I got to come along to snap some pictures. The lighting at this event seems to be different every month and this time, there was one epic shadow happening. Epic! … Continue reading

The City on a Rainy Day

I had a photowalk planned the other evening, which had already been postponed once due to windy and rainy conditions, and this time the trusty weather bureau said only 10% chance of rain. Brilliant!

Alas, it ended up more like 95% rain with a few, brief moments of non-rain.



But as it turns out, I discovered I quite enjoy taking photos in the rain. It feels adventurous! And lots of photographers tend to avoid the rain (myself included) because of the fear of ruining your gear and just a general dislike of being wet and cold. However, planned properly, it can make for a great photowalk and result in some great shots!

Introducing the new Facebook page!


Check it out! I have a brand new Facebook page! Exciting stuff to be on my way to building up my photography career.

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